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Dhimitri Shini
Stone Constructions - Paving - Stone Building - Cement Plaster - House Restorations - Renovations - Kissamos Chania


Dhimitri Shini is an experienced craftsman based in Kissamos Chania in beautiful Crete. It deals in various stone constructions and stone related services, offering high quality work to local customers.

Dhimitri Shini specializes in paving and stone building. Using his skill and experience, he creates beautiful and functional stone patterns and designs for patios, paths, sidewalks and other outdoor spaces. Its pavers are durable, adding an aesthetically appealing element to the surrounding area.

In addition, Dhimitri Shini specializes in the application of pressed cement mortar, offering an alternative solution for floors and surfaces. This technique combines the strength of cement mortar with the beauty of stone elements, creating a unique and durable finish.

In addition, Dhimitri Shini undertakes residential restorations and renovations. With knowledge of stone and traditional techniques, he upgrades and restores old buildings, preserving their architectural beauty and giving them new life.


Dhimitri Shini's services also include underpinnings, joints, insulation and waterproofing of roofs. With knowledge of the requirements and specifications for these sectors, it provides safe and effective solutions to protect homes from weather and moisture.

Dhimitri Shini stands out for his professional approach, his commitment to quality and his ability to execute projects with precision and aesthetics. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing service that exceeds expectations.