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Insulation - Waterproofing of Roofs
Dhimitri Shini - Stone Constructions - Stone Building - Paving - Cement Plaster - House Restorations - Renovations - Kissamos Chania


Dhimitri Shini is an experienced craftsman based in Kissamos in Chania, Crete. It has specialized in the field of insulation and waterproofing of roofs, offering high quality services to customers in the area.

Dhimitri Shini has extensive knowledge and experience in the application of various roof insulation and waterproofing techniques. It undertakes projects in both commercial and residential buildings, providing customized solutions according to the needs and requirements of its clients.

Dhimitri is known for his professional precision and commitment to quality. It uses high-quality materials and technologies that guarantee long-term durability and reliability in roof insulation and waterproofing installations.

In addition, Dhimitri is familiar with the specifications and requirements of local laws and safety regulations. He ensures that his work meets all the required specifications and offers reliable and safe insulation solutions.