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Residential Restorations - Renovations
Dhimitri Shini - Stone Constructions - Stone Building - Paving - Cement Plaster - Kissamos Chania


Dhimitri Shini is a craftsman based in Kissamos, Chania, Crete, who specializes in residential restorations and renovations. With years of experience in this field, Dhimitri Shini has earned a reputation for his professional approach, exceptional talent and attention to detail.

Dhimitri Shini understands the importance of the home as a place of comfort and relief and puts the customer at the center of his work. It undertakes restorations and renovations of homes based on the individual needs and preferences of each client, offering at the same time professional advice and experience.

Dhimitri Shini is specialized in various areas of renovations and restorations. He undertakes the renovation of bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and other areas of the house.